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The product's design inspiration comes from the designer's sensation to nature£¬such us Spring water play out fantastic music with ding-dong sound. Murmuring stream brings a slight of sweet¡£Accompanied by gentle breeze, faint scent fills the nostrils. The affect is so simple, but everywhere. This sense is based on designer's deep love of life, respect and yearns for natural environment.

With the development of human society, more and more people desire to take a simple purified life style as the ancient people who got close to the nature and embraced it.. Listen to the birds¡¯ singing, smell the flowers, stroll and lose themselves in natural landscapes. Janue¡¯s aroma diffusers aim to let who lives in busy downtowns enjoy every spare moment simply and joyfully. Turn on an aroma diffuser and add your favorite essential oil. Look at the rising smoke, smell the natural fragrance and lose in the nature.
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